Howdy! I'm Angelo Saraceno.

I am a humble product farmer who likes to have fun on the internet. This is the place where I share some of my work.

My face.

My face.

More About Angelo

<aside> 🗣 Accept no imitations! This is where I hang out on the web. Twitter | GitHub | Substack | Medium | ProductHunt


When I am not triaging Jira tickets for money, I enjoy voraciously reading, traversing Wikipedia via Breadth-First Search, and the occasional video game.


I enjoy all stages of the product development cycle. I had a hand in building experiences used by people of all walks. From elaborate internet pranks to mission-critical software, I offer my reflections so that we may build better products.

How glorious is it that we can try again if we fail?

Selected Writings

<aside> 🎁 Product Essays


Theme Park vs Sandbox Theory of Product

The Musically Story

Sunsetting Technical Products

<aside> 🚗 Career/Tech Musings


Good Okay Advice For Those Seeking Technical Internships

Organizing Communities

Empathy Machine

Case Studies

<aside> ✅ Products I've Worked On


Modernizing Citrix Studio

Yotie: Fantasy Evolved

Hosting MangoHacks 2018

<aside> 🖥️ Design Case-Studies


Airbnb Journals

<aside> 😅 I am a little embarrassed about my open source work but it's on my GitHub. I promise I still code.


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